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Used Tractors

  • PHOTO-2018-10-05-14-48-30 (11)PHOTO-2018-10-05-14-48-30
    2015 Massey Ferguson 5612 4wd Tractor Efficient Model (Armrest controls) 120hp 2100 hrs Dyna 4 (40k) 100 ltr pump 540/540E/1000 rpm PTO 540/65R38 Rear tyres 40% 440/65R28 Front tyres 30% 4 x spool valves Dromone push out hitch Cab suspension Air conditioning Air seat Rear mudguard extensions Extra work lights Excellent condition
  • IMG_0049IMG_0047
    2014 Massey Ferguson 5612 c/w MF 940 loader 4169 hrs Dyna4 (40k) MF 940 loader multifunction joystick Cab suspension 2 x spool valves 540/65R34 rear tyres 440/65R24 front tyres fender switches very good condition
  • IMG_0036IMG_0034
    2013 Massey Ferguson 5455 c/w MF 946 loader
    3991 hrs
    Tier III
    Dyna 4 (40K)
    MF 946 loader c/w joystick control and Multidoc
    Cab suspension
    Push out hitch
    Fender switches
    Good condition
  • IMG_0029IMG_0024
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    2014 Massey Ferguson 5610 Dyna4 c/w MF loader 1484 hrs Dyna4 (40K) MF 941 loader c/w multi function joystick (gears. forward/reverse) 2 x spool valves Cab suspension High vis roof Fender switches Air conditioning Immaculate condition  
  • IMG_0013IMG_0012
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    2014 Newholland T7.200 4wd Tractor 4075 hrs Range command 50K Air brakes Front linkage 4 x spool valves 540/540E/1000rpm pto 650/65R38 tyres new Michelin 540/65R28 tyres new Michelin Passenger seat Air conditioning Tractor is immaculate, as new condition Could not be faulted        
  • PHOTO-2018-10-05-17-19-40 (5)PHOTO-2018-10-05-17-19-39 (3)
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    2002 Landini Ghibli 90 4wd tractor c/w Quicke Q720 Loader 2278 hrs 16.9R34 Rear Tyres 50% original back tyres 340x85xR24 Front tyres 90% Manual shuttle 3 x spool valves One owner from new Very tidy original tractor
  • PHOTO-2018-10-05-14-48-30.PHOTO-2018-10-05-14-48-30
    2015 Massey Ferguson 5612 Dyna 4 4WD Tractor Efficient model 2100 hrs 100 ltr hyd pump 4 x spool valves 540/540E/1000 PTO 540x65xR38 Rear Tyres 40% 440x65xR28 Front Tyres 30% Rear mudguard extensions Cab suspension Extra work lights Air Conditioning Very tidy tractor  
  • 0a3aba70-85d4-43ca-895b-b4ea610dd30c3cbc3f19-d2e9-4cfc-b715-383c03395f5f
    2016 Deutz Fahr 6180 c shift agrotron 4wd tractor 3700 hrs 50kph with air brakes Front axle and cab suspension 650 x 65 xR38 rear tyres 35% 540 x 65 x R28 front tyres 5% Four spool valves Dromone push out hitch One owner driven from new Immaculate condition Credit to its previous owner      
  • PHOTO-2018-09-13-14-24-42PHOTO-2018-09-13-14-24-38
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    2004 Massey Ferguson 6499 4wd tractor Tier 2 sisu engine 215hp 7515 hrs Dynashift gearbox Tyres front 480/70R30 - 50% rear  620/70R42 - 70% Front linkage Four spool valves Push out hitch Genuine original tractor    
  • 2012 mf 5450 4wd 0022012 mf 5450 4wd 001
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    2012 Massey Ferguson 5450 4wd Tractor , 110 hp 4cyl engine, 2200 hrs from new , comes complete with quicke self levelling loader q35.
  • IMG_0034IMG_0026
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    2007 Massey Ferguson 5460 4wd tractor Complete with mf 940 power loader Dyna4 power shuttle 40 kmh gearbox 115hp 4 cylinder engine 540x65x38 rear tyres 40% left 440x65x28 front tyres 65% left 100litre pump ,2 spool valves Dromone hyd push out hitch 4900 hrs local tractor Very good and very clean
  • IMG_0019IMG_0018
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    2007 Massey ferguson 6465 4wd tractor Dyna 6 40kph transmission 4632 hrs One owner from new Front tyres 420x70R28  20% Back tyres 520x70R38  45% 3 spool valves Trailer brakes Air con, Air seat, passenger seat Genuine condition credit to previous owner