//New Massey Ferguson Front Loaders
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New Massey Ferguson Front Loaders

High-performance loaders

This industry-leading range of high-performance loaders is perfectly matched to Massey Ferguson tractors.

Engineered and manufactured to world-class standards, these high performance heavy-duty loaders are designed and built to complement your Massey Ferguson tractor and deal with the toughest jobs, day in, day out.


Product Description


ModelTypeLift height*Lift capacity**
MF 921Non parallel2.90 m2,280 kg
MF 931Non parallel3.20 m2,310 kg
MF 941Non parallel3.45 m2,810 kg
MF 951Non parallel3.70 m2,920 kg
MF 961Non parallel3.95 m3,220 kg
MF 926Parallel2.90 m1,820 kg
MF 936Parallel3.20 m1,920 kg
MF 938Parallel3.20 m2,270 kg
MF 939Parallel3.40 m1,560 kg
MF 946Parallel3.45 m2,400 kg
MF 948Parallel3.45 m2,770 kg
MF 949Parallel3.60 m2,220 kg
MF 956Parallel3.70 m2,520 kg
MF 958Parallel3.70 m2,890 kg
MF 966Parallel3.95 m2,790 kg
MF 968Parallel3.95 m3,170 kg
MF 976Parallel4.20 m2,990 kg
MF 978Parallel4.20 m3,380 kg
MF 988Parallel4.65 m3,930 kg