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PRIMOR 3570 M - Straw Blowers & Feeders - IN STOCK RAEDY TO GO!!!!!         
The PRIMOR 3570 M has been developed for farmers looking for a 3.5 m3 straw blower & feeder designed for minimum 50 hp tractors (70 hp if feeding haylage). The PRIMOR 3570 M’s capacity saves handling time: one bale up to 2 m in diameter or two bales with a diameter of 1.50 m. Cubic bales up to 2.70 m in length can easily be accommodated in the machine. With the adjustable control system fitted as standard, the machine adapts to the fodder to be distributed by altering the angle of attack of the feed rotor. Positioned in line with the turbine, the multipurpose chute is designed for feeding and straw blowing up to 18 m on the right-hand side. For difficult-to-access bedding areas, the swivel chute can be used to blow straw to the left or right of the machine (distance of 13 m on the left). Electric controls as standard: you will appreciate the user-friendliness of the electric control system. This compact system has been designed to fit in all tractor cabs. POLYDRIVE hydraulically disengageable belt drive for fast, even haylage distribution

New Kuhn Primor Strawblowers & Feeders

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