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Everything you do any job


The MF 5700 S offers excellent manoeuvrability and versatility for work in the yard, in the field or on the road – a superb all-rounder!

With its upgraded design, high performance driveline, high levels of comfort and wide choice of equipment and options, the MF 5700 S is indisputably designed to tackle any challenges and any tasks on the farm, quickly and efficiently - it is truly the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything tractor!


Model           Max Power hp*     Max Torque**     
MF 5709 S   95                       Dyna-4 / 6     
MF 5710 S   100                     Dyna-4 / 6     
MF 5711 S   110                     Dyna-4 / 6     
MF 5712 S   120                     Dyna-4 / 6     
MF 5713 S   130                     Dyna-4 / 6

New Massey Ferguson 5700 S | 95-130 HP

  • - Dyna-4 16x16 semi-powershift transmission with AutoDrive function
    - High visibility exclusive steep nose bonnet
    - Engine speed memory and Brake to neutral
    - Standard air conditioning with manual adjustment
    - Automatic Air suspended swivel seat and Mechanical cab suspension for maximum comfort
    - 100 l/min oil flow makes these models not only versatile to do any task in the yard or in the fields, but the best tractor for loader operations
    - 3 mechanical spool valves
    - Up to 12 LED working and road lights depending on roof option
    - Further standard tyre size choice including: 540/65R38 – 440/65R28
    - And many more …

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