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Rauch Axis Fertilizer Spreaders. 
The AXIS 30.2 W and AXIS 50.2 W is equipped with the highly-accurate 100Hz weight technology. The spreader can be fitted with the latest future-proof ISOBUS technology allowing fertiliser spreaders to adapt too many different products, at different application rates and different working widths. The Axis allows fast and easy adjustment. The coaxial dosing and point of application adjustment also referred to as ‘’CDA spreading technology’’. Never before has the adjustment of a two-disc fertiliser spreader been so simple. All functions at the CDA operating terminal are adjusted to an optimum ergonomic position safely and quickly. Adjustments can be made using one easy to control turn of the CDS operating terminal is enough to adapt the Axis to the required fertiliser type and quality, as well as to the working width, safely and quickly. The desired dosing quantity is also adjusted proportionately on the operating terminal. Adjusting the spreading quantity is just as easy as it is accurate. Quantity pre-selection for needs-based fine dosing, can be continuously adjusted from 3kg/ha on a large, clear scale curve - separate for left and right. The quantity-proportional DfC scale, exclusive to RAUCH, enables the spreading quantity to be adjusted quickly and proportionately after the calibration test. The DfC scale also allows the dosing quantity to be modified for each field. The clearly-presented, extensive setting chart contains all the relevant settings information. Characteristic of RAUCH: detailed information on slug pellets and small seeds are also listed in the setting chart. TELIMAT®: Set working width in just one click! Modify working width or spreading by swivelling the base. No tools needed and done in just a few seconds. The TELIMAT® is manually adjusted on the Axis 30.2 and electrically with the Quantron systems on AXIS 30.2, 50.2. No manual contact with the fertiliser! Machine always horizontal! Ultra-easy adjustment exclusive! The TELIMAT® is a deflector used to prevent fertilizer waste and respect environmental instructions. View the position of the TELIMAT® from the cab: high or low position allowing for trouble free borders spreading. TELIMAT® is characterized by its double setting (patented): positioning and orientation of the deflectors according to working width and type of fertilizer. The trajectory of the granulate is modified. - The TELIMAT® is set up without leaving the tractor or disengaging the PTO and without having to stop: maximum comfort with no loss of time. Two openings: bringing light inside the hopper, the level of fertilizer is easily visible through the hopper windows! Optional equipment: fertilizer level sensors to be directly informed in the cab (as option on AXIS Q and W, as standard on H-EMC). Mud Protection Mudguards, supplied as standard, protect the machine from mud ejected by tractor wheels AXIS QUANTRON A USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL BOX QUANTRON control boxes electronically adjust the metering outlets and therefore the ground speed related flow rate (D.P.A.E. electronic device) according to pre-set application rate. The latter is always retained at varying speeds. During spreading, the driver is able to: - modify the application rate, - switch part-widths for either side, - close simultaneously either side via a button. A work counter for 200 fields and integrated spreading charts are additional features. Useful for machinery rings or contractors: It can be used on several tractors! Graphic display and operating menu: ease of use. QUANTRON-A regulates the opening position of the metering slider and thus the flow rate depending on the driving speed and the specified application quantity. At varying driving speeds, the preselected application quantity always remains the same. QUANTRON-A has a large, clear display and a logically organised menu system. All functions can be electrically and remotely controlled, both comfortably and safely with just one hand: - Opening and closing of the metering slider - Controlling partial widths - Adjustment of quantity while driving, even separately on the right and left - Quantity reduction when spreading at boundaries - Modern Precision Farming applications using the RS 232 serial interface - Documentation and storage of operating data for 200 parcels, including name and type of fertiliser - Data transfer through the off-the-shelf USB interface - Data manager software for data exchange using PCs or the Internet (optional) - Position display for TELIMAT T25 boundary spreading system (optional) - Display of remaining quantity sensor (optional) - GPS control – automatic opening and closing of the metering Innovations AXIS-M

New Rauch Axis Fertilizer Spreaders.

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