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The Prodig Bale Grab is an extremely robust unit for moving bales with minimal damage to the plastic wrap. The unit is suitable for Tractor, Tele-Handler and Articulated Loader. 
  • Hydraulic bale grab for quick and efficient moving and stacking of bales.
  • Wrap damage is eliminated by our tubular arms covering a large area of the bale wrap.
  • Arms can be locked in multiple positions on either side for stacking purposes.
  • The grab allows for stacking bales on their end or on their side.
  • Excellent width capabilities from 1810mm to 360mm.
  • Can handle round or small square bales for loading or unloading.
  • The frame depth is kept at a minimum so the bale sits closer to the machine.
  • Double acting hydraulic ram with check valve for constant grip and safety.
  • Bushings and grease points on all pivot points.
  • Bolt on hitches available to fit all machines.

Prodig Bale Grab.

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